Hey! That’s me!

Hello and welcome to my website!

Who are you?

My name is Simeon Atanasov. I’m primarily a graphic designer and illustrator, but I also dabble in code and generally like making stuff. I was born and raised in Bulgaria and I currently live and work in Heidelberg, Germany.

What do you do?

I work [almost] full-time as a graphic designer and web developer/administrator for a local company here in Heidelberg. As a designer and illustrator I get to create a lot of artwork for both digital and printed media and the web dev/admin part is kinda self explanatory – I created the website of the company and I get to take care of it. Apart of that I get to do a lot of photography work for the company and every now and again I help out with equipment, when the need arises. I also create interactive experiments and small games in my free time.

How did you get to do that?

I have a bachelor degree in computer graphics and animation from the New Bulgarian University and a master degree in interaction design from Malmö Högskola, Sweden. I’ve been drawing and making stuff since I was a little kid and it kinda stuck with the time. As many young boys I was very interested in video games and since my dad had a computer service company, I was around technology pretty much all of the time, which eventually sparked an interest, that hasn’t gone out even today. I started experimenting with mixing traditional drawing and digital media when I was in high school (mostly creating games in game maker for myself and my friends) and this evolved into what is my profession today.

Ok, so what’s with this website?

This website is sort of a part portfolio, part outlet of thoughts and ideas, part journal (or at least I hope it to become one day). The work, displayed in this website, is [at the time of this writing] only personal work – I’m not allowed to use any of my work for my current employer outside the company, but that is ok, since I think my personal work reflects way better my interests and capabilities. I also used to have two or three Tumblr blogs, that hosted a lot of stuff, but even tho they were customizable, they never felt like they were really mine. I wanted to create a blog, where I can share the experiments I make, while have a space where I could strictly display artwork, and be able to sort it properly without too much noise. I think having a page like this is a great way to do it.

So what tools do you use?

Creating and experimenting with many different things requires many different tools, so my computers have a wide variety of software installed on them, both free and commercial. For graphics and animation I use Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, Blender, Anime Studio Pro, Affinity Designer, among other. For music I use FL Studio and Renoise (sometimes MilkyTracker, depending on the output format I need). For game creation and messing around with code, I use Game Maker 1.4, Unity, the Arduino IDE, Notepad++ and some other stuff. Of course an inseparable part of my tools are my traditional drawing tools – pencils, pens, ink, brushes and paper.

Mhm mhm, so that’s all you do or what? All day?

No no, I have many other interests. I’ve been playing drums for about 17 years now and, as mentioned above, I also like creating computer generated music in all kinds of genres, you know… just for the fun of it. Apart of that I love riding my bicycles, training kick-boxing and messing around with my car.

Oh! Well… that’s cool! So now what?

If you found something interesting here, you can get in touch and talk about it with me using the contact form below.

Thanks for stopping by! Now go and scroll through the sections of the website and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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