A project about creating an open forum at the online magazine “Dagens Velferd” that would allow individuals and NGOs to get familiarized and contribute with ideas oriented at social welfare and sustainability. The project was done in a team of three people. The project was only on a concept level, so it included ideation and sketching, without reaching a prototyping state. It was oriented towards web interfaces and we tried to shift from the traditional news paper interfaces that are often seen in such web sites, as seen from the sketches above. The final version had an option to sort ideas over different criteria, such as date, popularity, topic and so on. The rectangle icons in the center represent small posters of the different projects on the forum. The higher the popularity of a project, the bigger the poster. We also imagined the interface with an organic design, where the posters would dynamically shift and re-size, creating the feel of a live and thriving forum, hopefully making people want to participate in it. The research behind this included interviews with different organizations and NGOs in the city of Malmö.