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A project about creating a system to help newcomers with orientation and public traffic system in the city of Malmö, Sweden. The project was done in a team of four people. The project started from creating sketches and ideas, through filming a video scenario and culminated with the building and testing of a lo-fi prototype (seen on the photos above). The prototype included an interface separated in different screens, allowing the users to quickly figure out their position based on the location of the device on a map, have the opportunity to find  their destination or interesting locations in the city and purchase a ticket with their credit or debit cards. The device would be present on all bus stops, creating a feeling of a more ubiquitous service from the public traffic company. Currently the only similar service in the city of Malmö is found on big stations, such as the central train station and are often very cumbersome to use. We also planned the device to charge a “pay for what you use” tariff, which would charge based on route distance of the selected bus, in contrast to the current “hour and section” based tariff, which makes traveling on short distances very cost inefficient. I took part in all parts of the project including generating ideas, sketching, building parts of the prototype and filming and editing the video scenario.