Just some fun with weather icons. Working on some stuff like that for work right now, so I thought I’d mess around with some pencil-test animations. Weather and weather widgets have been fascinating me for a long time. I’ve always found some kind of aesthetic beauty in being able to convert actual physical information from our environment to some kind of a beautiful visual representation of it, be it text-only, visual-only or a combination of both. Even tho sometimes it’s downright bordering with art (in my humble opinion at least), and there are many variations of it – from very stylized to very realistic, I haven’t see much of it in terms of animation. So I thought “traditional frame-by-frame animation vs. something that’s been chewed on from graphic designers for ages… why not?”. Obviously this text took to write almost as long as drawing the entire 65 frames of this animation, but hey, it was a fun stab at the idea.