Here’s a speed painting (about 30 minutes, scaled down to about 3 minutes) that I did as a recording test of my HUION GT-190 pen display. This shouldn’t be a very big deal, especially considering my PC’s graphics card is an nVidia GeForce GTX980 ti, which can record using the driver’s built in screen capturing software. I am however running a two monitor setup, one of which is a normal monitor and is set as my primary monitor. I wanted to only have the drawing software (Sketchbook pro 7) running on my secondary monitor (the pen display), but the recording software does not want to record the second screen. However there is an option to switch the primary monitor relatively easy, so I guess I will have to juggle between the two monitors when I want to record some drawing videos. It’s a minor setback tho, nothing to be upset about.

Here’s the video: