_DSC0651 electronicsconcept_graph  weather_boy

An individual Arduino/Processing based project. It was revolving around DIY music instruments and translating information. I wanted to create a sound synthesizer, that would use weather information to modulate the generated sound wave. I wrote the first prototype of the synthesizer in Processing. It was to demonstrate how weather information could be used for sound modulation. It used a Weather API from an online weather forecasting website and the received information, in the form of XML files, was translated to properties of the sound wave generator. The final prototype was an Arduino based synthesizer, that used sensors to gather information about the environment in which the synthesizer was and use it to determine what kind of sound wave it will generate. It used a light sensor to play the notes (restricted in scales for easier playability) and an air pressure/humidity sensor for sound modulation. The sounds created were a bit abstract to be used in conventional music, but it was a good approach towards algorithm based music and sound effects. The device was to have two parts – hardware and software, and be easily modifiable with the addition of different sensors and easy programming with an online based application. This part however was only on a concept level and the project ended with only the working hardware prototype being developed.