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A concept project done in collaboration with Malmö Municipality. This project was done in a team for four people and is based on another project me and one of the other team members worked on – the “Conversation coffee maker”. The City of Malmö wanted to create a place for young girls to relax, in a neighborhood where after-school and free-time activities are dominated mostly by boys. The place was a square, where girls could organize their own activities and we were asked to design some sort of an interactive artifact for it. We read a report from a workshop, that was held with some of the girls in this neighborhood and we saw that they wanted to have a place where they can have coffee with friends and a way to speak up and voice their opinions to the rest of the community. We adapted the “Conversation coffee maker” and essentially designed a coffee vending machine, at which a person had to pay with a story instead of money. We planned to have the stories published to some sort of a public service after they were recorded. The research process involved creating a design game, used to gather opinions and calibrate ideas with users. The project ended with the creation and updating of a lo-fi prototype. Both game and prototypes were tested with people from the neighborhood. In this project I took part in all stages, including idea generation, building the game and prototypes and testing them.