An Ardiono / Processing based project about the effects of longer sitting at the computer. This project was done in a team of two people. The idea was to have some sort of indicator that would show the current state of slouching of a person, working with a computer. This was done though a sensor integrated in the shirt of the person, that would detect the arching of the person’s spline. The effect would be represented on screen by an image of nature, that would be sunny and colorful when the person was sitting straight, symbolizing a healthy state, and would gradually become cloudy, dark and desaturated, the more the person slouched, symbolizing an unhealthy state.┬áSince bend sensors were expensive and couldn’t be found in length suitable for our project, we made a DIY one from resistive foam (used to store and transport micro chips). I took part in the ideation process of this project and built the Arduino scheme for it. I also programmed the Arduino micro-controller and the corresponding Processing application.