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The act was a collaborative media project, developed by a team of three people – two programmers/designers and one writer. It was based on the ACTA and SOPA bills, and played with the notions of modern day online privacy and security. The site was split in two parts, one held the text of The Act, split in chapters, and one was represented by a chat-bot, based on the first computerized bot – Eliza. The bot would “support” the user in their actions “answering” their questions. The website was presented at a gallery space in the form of a half an hour play, reenacting a release event for the website, with the actor acting like Eliza. I took part in the programming of the first part of the site, separating the chapters and creating the interactivity behind them. The website is written in JavaScrpit and jQuery. During it’s lifetime, the website was live at (pl short for public law), after which it mysteriously disappeared.